The Voice of the Body is a contemporary art exhibition now in its sixth edition.
It is a cultural non-profit event that is self-financed through the donations of a group of artists and supporters.
The review is sponsored by Regione Lombardia, Provincia di Lecco and the Municipality of Osnago and local associations.
The organization of the review is structured into a non-profit cultural association named “La Voce del Corpo Cultural Association” based in – Via Cavour 24. OSNAGO (LC).

Unlike past editions, no announcement is foreseen for participation in the 6th edition of the exhibition. The artists will be chosen and invited independently and directly by the Artistic Commission. Accommodation, reimbursement of travel expenses, supply of exhibition stands and materials will be guaranteed by the event.

The theme of the 2020 edition is: “Beyond Ourselves and back – Freedom and Eros”.

In addition to the founding and supporting members of the La Voce del Corpo Cultural Association, we want to report the presence and contribution to the realization of the project of:

  • Architect Massimo Gianquitto for the Street Art section of the exhibition. Professor of Contemporary Art History for I.E.D, (European Institute of Design) and creator of the “earth” project for the dissemination of contemporary art, Gianquitto is the author of some books and has recently published a text dedicated to Street Art.
  • Gianluca Poldi for the Sculptures and Installations section. University of Varese
  • Giudicianni / Biffi Photo Studio for the Photography section


The Workshop for the Butoh section will be conducted by master Atsushi Takenouchi and composer and musician Hiroko Komiya.
For timetables, duration and contents, see here.
At the end of the Festival, the Workshop foresees a final collective performance with the presence of the master Atsushi – on 5 July in Piazza Vittorio Emanuele in Osnago (LC).

The artistic sections of the sixth edition of the exhibition will be completed by Performance Art and Butoh.
As in previous editions, the municipality of Osnago will be transformed into an open-air art gallery: from the courtyards and gardens of the historic villas of the Galimberti and De Capitani families to the squares of Peace and Piazza Vittorio Emanuele and the city park in via Matteotti.
Performance Art and shows Butoh will take place in Auditorium Spazio Fabrizio De Andrè, in Via Matteotti.

In this edition there will be the involvement of the population for the project and realization of a collective and artistic work dedicated to Don Quixote and Sancho Panza in Piazza della Pace.

As in previous editions, a catalog will be created with the artist’s profile, photos of the work and / or performance. After Cardinal Ravasi in 2016 and Mr Niky Vendola in 2018, the presentation will also be entrusted to an authoritative personality for this edition. [Catalogues]