We inform you that the 6th edition of La Voce del Corpo “The Body’s Voice” has been canceled .
We are very sorry for the decision but, failing the guarantees of safety, for the artists and for the public, it is not possible, by applying the health safety protocols, to guarantee a smooth running of the event.
the selected and invited artists will be taken into consideration for the next edition.
We reserve the right to propose and organize “ponte” events towards the edition and The Voice of the Body 2021 .

a cordial greeting from the artistic direction.

Beyond ourselves and back:
Freedom and Eros

«So we call love the desire and the research for the wholeness»
(Platone, Simposio)

The freedom meant as going beyond boundaries and at the same time rejoining them is the main theme of this edition of the biennale of contemporary art La voce del corpo. This topic was questioned by the artists invited in different forms: sculpture/ installation, photography, street-art, butō theatre.

Freedom is sometimes a simply going in an out from the borders. That’s because you can equally feel free (and happy) going toward and going away from something (no matter if is a tradition, a history, a place, one or more people, a family or a community, a way to be). Freedom is not, as most people say, breaking bonds, rather creating them and, once the bonds are created, being faithfully to them without loosing our balance. Freedom is finding a balance.

We like to call that bond between the self and the other a form of eros. When we say eros we would intend it as the force (and the willing) that unifies different and conflicting elements without nullifying them, but respecting their own properties. So eros, beyond the common meaning of sexual desire, can really help in reaching freedom: to rejoin something or someone is funding ourselves, in a new personal dimension.